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Adaptive CTI

Adaptive CTI makes office life easier! Everyone has a computer and a telephone – Adaptive CTI is about making both office tools work together better.

Using your PC to control your phone calls is convenient and saves time. Using Adaptive CTI, you can easily answer calls, hold them and transfer them to other people. You can even see the status of other users and telephone extensions before you try to call or transfer a call to them.

Main features include:
  • On-screen call control buttons.
  • The ability to "see who is calling" before you answer the call.
  • Screen-pops that are capable of popping any keyboard driven PC application using a keystroke macro.

Adaptive CTI is available in three versions: Basic, Standard and Professional.


Key Benefits

  • See the telephone status of work colleagues
  • Make calls straight from the computer screen
  • Automatic database lookups of incoming callers

CTI Packages

Adaptive CTI
Adaptive Diallers