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CTI Products

Oak SmartConnect

Introducing SmartConnect the market leading solution for connecting communications into Business Applications. SmartConnect is a powerful productivity enhancement enabling every employee to see who is calling them and manage their communications. SmartConnect enables you to streamline how your teams work, creating a faster, more personal service. All this can save seconds on each call and can dramatically reduce company overheads.

 Customer Satisfaction every time.

Customer satisfaction is good business. Providing a first-class service on the telephone is the first step in creating that satisfaction. That is why SmartConnect is so indispensable. It is simply the best computer telephony integration (CTI) product available. For customers it’s often all about waiting. Waiting is the enemy. If customers wait to be answered, wait to be connected to the right person, wait for that person to find their details and then have to repeat information, it’s not good service. SmartConnect addresses the three key requirements for an effective and productive telephone service.

SmartConnect integrates to over 100 business applications and databases making it the most flexible business connectivity solution on the market.

CTI Packages

Adaptive CTI
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