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Mitel Inter-tel 5000 Telephone System

Ones and Zeros recommend the Inter-tel CS5000 as the best business phone system available today. It has excellent support for CTI applications, is reliable and can be flexibly configured to suit the needs of most businesses. It supports home working using broadband connections and has multisite capabilities.

The Inter-Tel CS-5200, CS-5400 and CS-5600

  • Support for Inter-Tel and third-party software applications, for example CTI.

  • Support for Inter-Tel S8000 series IP and wireless endpoints.

  • Built-in four-port basic voice mail  expandable to 16 ports (upgradeable with Windows 2000 Voicemail or Enterprise Messaging.

  • Two built-in analogue trunk ports.

  • Two built-in analogue extension ports.

  • Three module bays allow for internal expansion and can be used in any combination:

  • E-1/PRI Module can be used to connect to other Inter-Tel CS-5000 Servers or to Primary-Rate services.

  • Analogue exchange line module enables connectivity of two PSTN exchange lines.

  • Basic-Rate connectivity.

In-built modem for remote diagnostics and programming.

Digital and Analogue Support
When you require digital and analogue extensions, the Inter-Tel DEI digital expansion interface allows for the connection of up to 48 digital endpoints. Up to four Inter-Tel DEI’s can be added to either an Inter-Tel CS-5200 or Inter-Tel CS-5400 server, enabling you to deploy up to 192 digital endpoints. 8 port analogue cards may also be used in these slots.

The Inter-Tel DEI Offers:

  • Three modular bays that each accept a digital endpoint module or an analogue extension card.

  • Support for a single line adapter allowing for two analogue endpoints to connect as separate extensions using a single digital port.

  • Support for Inter-Tel 8000 series digital endpoints


Mitel Inter-tel 5000